Coastal Fellowship Church is a non-denominational church that maintains the highest standards of doctrinal integrity, financial responsibility and leadership accountability. Our belief is that every person who attends, volunteers and gives should do so with confidence that their time, talents, and financial gifts will be treated with the respect, honor and responsibility Inspired By scripture. (2 Timothy 1:13, Proverbs 4:2, James 3:1, Luke 14:28)

To help ensure accountability in the areas of doctrine, finance and leadership, Coastal Fellowship Church voluntarily belongs and/OR submits to the following associations standards and practices.


willow creek association (Member)

Willow Creek Association (WCA) is committed to the singular idea to inspire, encourage and equip Christian leaders to transform their communities. The leaders we serve are not just full-time ministry staff, but leaders in all sectors of society committed to pursuing their grander visions—whatever they might be.

Our Vision

Helping Christians grow their leadership to maximize Kingdom impact.

Our Mission

Create world-class leadership development tools and services to energize Christians and mobilize churches globally.



We belong to and partner with LCON for sermon series resources and materials. This partnership allows churches of all sizes to be fiscally responsible and utilize specialized expertise that otherwise would not be financially feasible for smaller congregations and ministers. LCON believes that we can do infinitely more together than apart, and they've partnered with other ministries that share this belief to bring even more free resources to LCON. Resource partners include ECFA, Willow Creek, Hillsong, Sports Spectrum, and many more. 

Coastal Fellowship Church understands and values the trust and confidence placed in our hands with each financial gift given. Working collaboratively with LCON allows us to go farther with our finances and make a wider impact through video, graphic design, supplemental resources and social media. 


c3 global

Ministry is the greatest calling anyone can have! It’s a guaranteed courtside seat to the power and beauty of life change. But the reality is that ministry is also brutal. The challenges, obstacles, betrayal, and opposition can, at times, seem overwhelming.

C3 Global was created so we can come together and unite as the Church, share ideas, support each other and push each other to fully fulfill the vision God has given us to reach our communities.  The truth about it is, we can do more together than we can do alone.

The leadership of Coastal Fellowship Church voluntarily participates in the development and training opportunities provided by C3. Upon the completion of our initial year of review we hope to join as full members in C3 Global.