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Coastal Fellowship Church is a unique church that meets outdoors just a few steps from the beach in Naples Florida. We exist for three main goals 1. Love God, 2. Love Others 3. Follow Jesus. We are a new church plant that started in 2018 with 26 people and have seen God bless us with growth during our first year. We now have 100 active participants in our church family. Our desire is to love every person who comes to our church regardless of their background, faith or station in life.

We are looking for a worship leader who’s heart is not only about performance or prestige but rather is focused on seeing people connect with Jesus Christ through music. This is a new opportunity at a growing church. The past year we have had virtually no music program and yet through the power of the Gospel and the power of love we have seen God add to our church.

We are looking for a young dynamic worship leader who can play acoustic guitar and that values modern music as well as the spiritual heritage of sacred hymns of the past. Our congregation is comprised primarily of older people who are very active, loving and welcoming. We have a wide range of backgrounds- denominationally, financially, and geographically all coalescing around following Jesus. We are a non-denominational church that seeks to focus on what brings us together and not what separates or divides us. This position is part time with the desire to grow into a full time position as our church grows.

This position requires :

-Passion. This is about bringing others closer to Christ through music and setting the stage for the ministry of the senior pastor through collaborative ministry and creativity. 

-A pastoral heart. We see our worship pastor as just that, a pastor first. Pastor first - performance second.

-An Outgoing Approach: Worship ministry begins with interacting and being part of the fellowship and family of God. We place a high value on each person who attends and prioritize the ministry of hospitality and fellowship. We believe ministry starts the moment people arrive and as such our leadership team from the pastor down makes every effort to proactively greet and interact with parishioners before and after service.

-An Open mind: Our congregation is comprised of a wide variety of people from different backgrounds, as such we attempt to understand others positions and perspectives.

-A Team oriented leader: A willingness to develop and work together with others to help expand their gifts in the area of music and worship.

-Proficient Guitar Skills: Because of our unique location and approach to ministry, acoustic guitar proficiency is a must.

- A Wide Appreciation of Music Genres & Styles: We seek to use all sorts of music to minister and set the stage for the message. That means any given Sunday may include sacred hymns, classic rock/pop songs, and top 20 hits. An appreciation, knowledge and understanding on how these can meld into a worship experience are necessary.