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What's Happening



Fleischmann Park Community CENter @6:30PM

(1600 Fleischmann BlvD)

Everyone has the capacity to grow in various areas of their life, be it finance, relationships, job promotion, business growth, etc. Capacity is mostly influenced and limited by our own ability to grow. This series examines what areas we all can grow in and expand our capacity for success. Pain, finance, exposure are just a few.


Ocean devotions by the beach
every sunday morning

Lowdermilk Beach Park (By the VollyBall Courts)

There's nothing quite like a juicy love story...the romance, the intrigue, and maybe a little scandal. We're digging in to some of the greatest biblical marriages to see what we can learn. Travel back in time with us for "Once Upon a Marriage."




by the Beach

Start your week off in the right direction with a time of reflection and inspiration. Join friends and family for the informal gathering "Ocean Devotions by the Beach" Sunday mornings @ 9AM at Lowdermilk Park. (Meet up by the Gazebo) Bring a blanket or beach chair and enjoy some coffee, sunshine and fellowship.

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Reach Up

When we worship God, we express our love and devotion to Him. What an honor it is to humbly come before the Creator of the Universe. All of us are wired for worship, and the only way we can express true love to God and worship Him is through a personal relationship with Jesus.

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Reach Out

Another key purpose of Coastal Fellowship is to reach out to people who are IN need both spiritually and practically. Every day, we rub shoulders with people who are just an act of love or an invite away from a life-changing encounter with Christ. Invite your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers to attend and partner with Coastal Fellowship. Coastal Fellowship partners with different local and global charities to reach out and meet the needs wherever we can.


Reach In

We also exist to help you, as a Christ-follower, grow in your spiritual maturity. Because the Christian life is one of constant growth and development, we are focused on providing biblical principles that can be applied to every day life. We want to help you move from a spectator in the stands to the game of active service.